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Finding the right people for the right job is hard work, especially in IT where knowledge can range from extremely specialized to broad based. While recruiting is one method to use, another is talent sourcing. Recruiting and talent sourcing may be similar, and while theyre complementary, they work differently.

The best person for your job may not be actively looking for a job, that’s why sometimes we must actively look for them. Recruiters match people who are looking for a position with a position they are qualified for. Talent sourcers scour the globe for the people you need who fit your criteria.  

Who better to find people for IT than those who live, breathe, and work in IT? As a group of project managers and IT consultants with in-depth software development experience we understand the job you have and the people you need. Our team has extensive knowledge and skills working in .NET, iOS, Android, Java, PHP, Sharepoint, Salesforce Cloud and SQL, just to name a few. We utilize our referral network of 600 vendors, social media, and job boards to source genuine candidates who will best fit your job requirements as well as a candidate who has shown excitement and interest in being a part of your team. 

As IT specialists, our methodology also utilizes AI technology.  AI in talent sourcing can find patterns in resumes, improve efficiency and decrease the time it takes to fill a position. On a superficial level AI helps you match the key words of what you’re looking for with what someone has on their resume. The awesome thing about AI is that it’s constantly evolving to improve its search metrics and system. We should know, here at Fair Pattern we have imbedded AI into our systems as well as in the systems we build for you. Our AI-driven CRM anticipates your clients’ needs. Since the system monitors your customers' statuses, it automatically triggers events when a status changes. We don’t have to worry about missing any updates or changes when the system worries about it for us. Using this system, we can keep track of everything that’s happening with people qualified to work for you and can immediately work to staff them when the opportunity arises. 

If you need help finding right talent for your projects or managing your delivery, Fair Pattern has diverse experience in finding the candidates that fit your work environment. We have the right domain knowledge and expertise to help you achieve your goals and get your business moving forward.  

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