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Finding the right people for the right job is hard work, especially in IT where knowledge can range from extremely specialized to broad based. While recruiting is one method to use, another is talent sourcing. Recruiting and talent sourcing may be similar, and while theyre complementary, they work differently.

Cloud computing may not be as talked about as Donald Trump or Brexit, but if you work in the tech world, sometimes it feels like it's all anybody ever talks about. What started off as a buzzword that nobody ever really understood, has finally been followed by real adoption in businesses of all sizes as they start to see the benefits.

Mobile app development company Fair Pattern has announced that it has expanded its business lines into the areas of cloud technologies and consulting.

The New-York based firm will be focusing heavily on cloud computing in sales and marketing, especially related to SAP, Salesforce, and Microsoft solutions.

By Simon Islam (Entrepreneur & Sr. ITPM)

With the economy and IT departments both shrinking with budget crisis, many Managers are sweating to find the ultimate sweet spot - keeping business happy, and getting things done - welcome to the club of budget jugglers (Members Only).

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