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Working from home can have numerous benefits and not only to the employee in question, but also to the employer and the entire company. Recruiting remote talents is becoming a more and more popular option, especially amongst IT and HR managers.

Choosing from a pool of locally-based candidates has its advantages, but the world is quickly beginning to see the value of hiring people that might not always reside in the same city, state or even country as the company.

Apart from saving you money on utility bills and office materials, working from home can be incredibly beneficial to your business. Research consistently demonstrates that working from home increases employee retention rates and job satisfaction, and is also associated with higher morale and loyalty to the company. With all the evidence, it’s hardly surprising that HR departments are embracing the idea of offering flexible working hours from home, as well as becoming more and more open to the notion of hiring remote talents. When it comes to performance and skill, geography should not be a limiting factor. By expanding your pool of potential candidates to a national or even international scale, you’re opening your company to the opportunity to recruit talents that might not be based locally. What’s more, remote work enables you to hire other talented members, who wouldn’t normally be in the candidate pool – because of their special needs or simply an inability to commit to the normal nine-to-five schedule.

What we at Fair Pattern do is connect these remote talents with the companies that need them. Our company works with a network of thousands of offshore-based candidates that can offer immense value and benefits to your company. By connecting you with the top software engineers, developers and experts in all fields, we can help you expand your candidate pool and work with only the most skilled employees, regardless of their geographical location. What’s more, with the recent technological advances such as Skype or GotoMeeting apps, you can schedule virtual interviews, weekly meetings or business conferences and effectively communicate with your remote staff, as if they were locally based. Of course, to be an effective solution, remote workforce needs to be comprised of only the best candidates. All of the recruiters that work with Fair Pattern undergo a rigorous selection process to ensure they’re the qualified, valuable team members you’re looking for. We also do local US placements and can provide your company with the top employees in a vast range of industries, each with their unique and invaluable skill set.

Flexible working arrangements are a surprisingly good way to boost your employees’ morale and deal with problems such as a lack of engagement or decreasing performance. In 2010, a Microsoft study demonstrated that 60% of respondents rated themselves as more efficient and productive, when working remotely. What this means for your company is that, to bring value, increase productivity and recruit the most skilled workers, you need to enable your employees to perform their duties from the comfort of their home… wherever this home might be. And with Fair Pattern this is now more than possible.

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