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Seamless Data Migration: Simplifying Your Data Migration Journey

- Rajib Chowdhury

We have hands-on experience of using Google Database Migration Service and AWS Database Migration Service.

When moving from an on-premises database to a cloud-based database service or changing to a different database provider, Database Migration Service ensures a smooth transition while minimizing downtime and data loss. Using Google Database Migration Service / AWS Database Migration Service simplifies the process of transferring data between different database systems, ensuring data integrity, minimizing downtime, and reducing the risks associated with manual migrations. It provides a robust and efficient solution for organizations looking to modernize their infrastructure, optimize performance, and manage data effectively.

Amazon Database Migration Service

Figure : Amazon Database Migration Service

Source: aws.amazon.com

Building Resilient Infrastructure: Achieving High Availability with Redundant Replica Servers

Our Experts can Enable high availability configuration of Google Cloud SQL to reduce downtime when a zone or instance becomes unavailable. High availability configuration sync data with additional instance and make data redundant. During a zonal outage, or when an instance failed, With HA, your data continues to be available to client applications. In the event of an instance or zone failure, the standby instance will take over the control.

Google Cloud SQL

Figure : Google Cloud SQL (Highly Available)

Source: google.com

Amazon RDS Multi-AZ Deployment

Figure : Amazon RDS Multi-AZ deployment (Highly Available)

Source: aws.amazon.com

Smart Scale: Automated Capacity Auto-Scaling

Google Managed instance groups (MIGs) offer autoscaling capabilities that let you automatically add or delete virtual machine (VM) instances from a MIG based on increases or decreases in load. Autoscaling helps your apps gracefully handle increases in traffic and reduce costs when the need for resources is lower. We will define the autoscaling policy and the autoscaler performs automatic scaling based on the measured load and the options you configure. Autoscaling works by adding more VMs to your MIG when there is more load, and deleting VMs when the need for VMs is lowered.
We can enable automatic storage increases settings for Google Cloud SQL. Cloud SQL checks your available storage every 30 seconds. If the available storage falls below a threshold size, Cloud SQL automatically adds additional storage capacity.
By enabling auto scaling in AWS, your capacity will be extended after specific threshold is exceeded. AWS Auto Scaling monitors your applications and automatically adjusts capacity to maintain steady, predictable performance at the lowest possible cost. An Auto Scaling group is a collection of Amazon EC2 instances that are treated as a logical unit. We can configure settings for a group and its instances as well as define the group’s minimum, maximum, and desired capacity. Setting different minimum and maximum capacity values forms the bounds of the group, which allows the group to scale as the load on your application spikes higher or lower, based on demand.

Amazon Auto Scaling Group

Figure : Amazon Auto Scaling Group (Highly Available)

Source: aws.amazon.com

Amazon Aurora which is a MySQL and PostgreSQL-compatible relational database having auto scaling feature.We can define scaling policy. Based on that, Aurora Auto Scaling can create and remove replicas. When the workload or the number of connections to your database suddenly increases, Aurora Auto Scaling can add Aurora Replicas. Once the workload or the number of connections decrease, Aurora Auto Scaling removes the extra Aurora Replicas so that you don't spend on extra capacity. Amazon RDS storage autoscaling feature. With storage autoscaling enabled, when Amazon RDS detects that you are running out of free database space it automatically scales up your storage.


Google and AWS cloud can look after some routine maintenance and administration work that an administrator does. Those solutions increase security, ensure high availability and lower operational costs.Our expert can do all advanced installation and configuration tasks for you.

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